Scouts & Guides

The Genesis of Scouting and Guiding in the World :

The Boy Scouts Movement had a simple start in the year 1907 when a retired Army General Lord Baden Powell conducted an experimental camp in Brown sea Island in England with 20 boys. The successful conduct of the camp and publication of the Book “Scouting for Boys” in a fortnightly marked the start of the Boy Scout Movement.

In the year 1910, Crystal palace Rally was held where Girls wearing the boy Scout uniform appeared and wanted to join the Scout Movement. Lord Baden Powell decided to start a movement for Girls with the help of his sister Agnes Baden Powell.

Our Ambition :

Scout & Guide
  • I will take action
  • I help planet grow
  • I pledge for a better world
  • I am part of the global solution
  • I am making a difference
  • Peace Starts with me

Life's Hitches:

Scot Hitch
Scot Hitch

Law And Promise :

  • Promise as applicable to Scout/Guides.
  • On my honor I promise that I will do my best
  • To do my duty to God and my country
  • To help other people
  • To obey the Scout/Guide Law.

The Law :

  • The Law for the Scout and Guide is: A Scout /Guide is trustworthy.
  • A Scout /Guide are loyal.
  • A Scout / Guide are Friend to all and brother/Sister to every other Scout/Guide.
  • A Scout / Guide are courteous.
  • A Scout / Guide are friend to animals and loves nature.
  • A Scout / Guide are disciplined and helps protect public property.
  • A Scout / Guide are courageous.
  • A Scout / Guide are thrifty.
  • A Scout / Guide are pure in thought, word and deed.

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